Sound financial guidance is key to protecting and growing your wealth. But you already knew that.

How does “wealth management” differ? Simply put, if we were a restaurant, we would be a five-course meal. At Shoemaker Financial, we offer a combination of investment consulting, advanced strategies and relationship management, providing a comprehensive overview of your financial horizon through our all-encompassing formula.


WM = IC + AS +RM


That might bring back your terror of high school math, but fear not. Let’s break down the formula first. We hope you’ll like what you see.


Wealth Management = Investment Consulting

This is the foundation of our services and the bedrock of the advisor/client relationship. Here, we become familiar with your portfolio and start designing a plan of action.


Advanced Strategies

The second piece moves into more intricate investment consultation, including wealth enhancement (growing your assets), wealth transfer (managing your estate), wealth protection (protecting your assets) and charitable giving (maximizing effectiveness of charitable intent).


Relationship Management

Here, we monitor your marriage and friendships. Just kidding. Relationship management solidifies our working partnership as we understand your critical needs and develop strategies to help accomplish them.

With these elements working in tandem, Shoemaker Financial can help meet your needs throughout all stages of your financial life.